Before you check out my corporate work below, you might want to know: I’m an invited expert to the WCAG V3 Silver Working Groups.

Additional UX (including health care) and documentation examples are available on my password protected pages.

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Chatbot running as
an animated gif

I created and wrote the content for this animated gif to show how a chatbot can be designed to help folks find food. See it working here in an animated gif.

What was
Edit to Minimalize

Break walls of text into elements that are easy to skim. Let users easily find their information and exit.

Interactive User Journey

Here’s a cross team collaborative end-to-end user journey I initiated and created. After user testing, moving into Appcues tour(s).

Interactive Solutions

User research showed us that users want to interact. Break up UX/Help text with interactive solutions.

Minimalized Writing in Lean Help

Technically accurate! But can users quickly find what they need and use it? Users do not want to scan walls of text, they prefer toggled heading that open to display the relevant text. (Pearson and BA Insight)

Tip Sheets

Complex topics? Specialized needs? Working across teams, we found this solution that maintains single sourcing cross UX and Help/Documentation.

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Animated Gifs & Minimalism

Ever struggle with a written set of directions? Animated gifs keep us honest, whether in the UI or the Documentation/Help.

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