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UXPA Boston 9/21 & McAfee 10/21: Dyslexia, Accessibility, and Writing
Private company presentation/training January 2020 – Minimalism: Trimble
UX WRITER CONFERENCE: Write to Reach Struggling Readers October 7, 2020
Watch my interview with Joe Welinske
The Content Wrangler: Declutter Content: The need for Minimalism in Clear Communications and Create a Simple Animated Gif in Minutes
Pearson World Usability Day: HCD Rapid Prototyping
MadCap Flare: BA Insight Uses MadCap Flare to Optimize Outputs
Contributor to: 84 Tips Instructional Design for New Instructional Technology, p. 17-18

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UX (and All) Writers, Let’s Address Dyslexia

I’m super excited to be presenting for Joe Welinske & Associates at the UX WRITER CONFERENCE October 7 at 12:30 to 1:15. Register, grab some lunch, and learn with me.

Is It a Play Button? Let’s Test!

Everyone loves a great scene. Whether it’s in a video, show, or online learning. How do we choose the best words to fit the action? ell me what you think about watch and play, I’ve marked three A | B tests:.

Minimalism Applies to Writing Too

How often do we scroll walls of text looking for the golden nugget–the hidden key? How many books do we bypass for lack of time? Instruction manuals??? Who has time?

Videos and Animated Gifs: Research Improves Delivery

A video takes roughly 10 or more hours to produce. When branding, the UI, or new features require changes, they’re not easy to make….What we need is another solution that’s faster and cheaper to produce. Not a replacement for all videos, but an alternative.

Prototyping to Fight Hunger

Designing a solution to a common human problem sounded like fun. So this Fall I signed up for Introduction to Human Centered Design…we brainstormed, created prototypes, and tested our solutions.

Carousels/Slideshows and User Controls

To place multiple pieces of information, motion graphics, or images into a single block of web space, carousels–otherwise known as slideshows–do the trick. Organizations benefit and users can choose where to spend their time.

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